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Casement and Awning windows are among the most energy-efficient window styles. Designed to open easily for better ventilation, and shut tightly to ensure energy efficiency, they offer a high-tech look and a clean, flush fit, adding a contemporary appearance to any building. They’re the perfect choice above cabinets, counters, or areas where opening and closing require a reach.

A customized look with the structural sash mullion

Get all the advantages of the casement window design with the look of a divided-light window to create a style that is uniquely yours.


AH Casement

  Designed and manufactured for architectual style homes and commercial buildings, all our windows have many advantages:

• Heavy extruded aluminum exterior construction at no
  premium over conventional aluminum frame materials.

• Windows can be custom ordered in every shape,
  size and style.

• Available in white exterior and interior finish or in
  six attractive split finishes.

• Flush frame or traditional brickmold.
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The Single-hung and Single-slider windows offer superior ventilation and easy finger-tip operation. These styles do not require exterior space for opening and can be placed virtually anywhere. They provide a classic look, yet deliver the latest energy efficient benefits.

ah demoDesigned for easier security and cleaning

Sash tilts inward for easy cleaning.

Central interlocking system increases air tightness and security against forced entry.


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